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Rocket Lawyer
Inc For Free
The Company Corp
Legal Zoom
State Filing Fees
Prep & Filing Articles of Inc.
Verify Business Name
Expedited Processing Option
Yearly Registered Agent Service
+ $149.95/yr *
6 months included
+ $149/yr after
6 months included
+ $99/yr after
6 months included
+ $235/yr after
+ $159/yr
S-Corp Election Form
Exclusive Weekly Newsletter
Cash Now 77 Ways Guide

Optional Add-Ons

Federal Tax ID #
+ $60
+ $70
+ $49
+ $80
+ $79
Corporate Kit & Seal
+ $99
+ $99
+ $99
+ $99
+ $70

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Rocket Lawyer provides free filing (no service fee) if you try their Rocket Lawyer Accelerate Plan. The Accelerate Plan also includes ongoing Registered Agent Service. After the trial ends, you are billed $49.95/month and can cancel the plan at any time.

Pay State Fees ONLY

That's right, it's FREE. Unlike the other online incorporation companies, we do not charge ANY extra fees to simply set up your business entity. Other than a $14.95 postage/handling fee for the mailing of your corporate documents, Inc For Free will only charge you the mandatory fees assessed by the state you form your corporation or LLC in.

Customer Service & Corporate Consulting

Inc For Free representatives are your very own professional advisory staff that will be available to provide you and your business with step-by-step guidance and support. We are here to help you resolve any issues, answer questions and provide useful tips throughout the year to help your business run more smoothly. You can call as often as needed to get one-on-one support from one of our experienced corporate experts.

Free Business Success Resources

Get unlimited, exclusive access to our weekly BizSuccess Newsletter, Cash Now: 77 Business Funding Solutions E-guide and 'Business Success Series' Webinar. These tools will help not only help you with establishing your new corporation or LLC, but they can also help put your entity on the right path to business success.

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So, what does free mean? Well, we waive our service charges, labor costs, and overhead. You only pay the Secretary of State Fees and postage. Now, you may ask…why are we offering you this for free? Because, I want to earn your trust, and then your business for life.

Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for your business startup needs. We provide you with one location where you have access to a comprehensive menu of business startup services that can help you quickly and affordably pave the path to your business success.

Our team of business startup specialists are here to keep you updated on the latest incorporation, tax and financial strategies and to help you manage important business details. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your business has been properly established. Our staff is here to support you in creating your business and protecting your assets. Count on Inc For Free to help you grow your business and protect your family's future.

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Inc For Free - Choosing the Right Entity (Corporation or LLC)

What is an LLC?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) blends the aspects of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships into a simple and flexible business entity. LLCs offer the same personal liability protection as corporations with few corporate formalities. LLC entities can be used to hold property and transact any type of business. They protect the owners and operators from personal liability similar to a corporation, and they possess the “pass-through” tax benefits of a partnership. Additionally, LLCs do not require the typical formalities that are required when managing a corporation.

— 76% of customers choose to form a LLC

What is a Corporation?

A corporation is a legal entity created separately from those who own and operate it. As a separate entity, the corporation’s debts and taxes are separate from its owners (shareholders), thereby offering the greatest personal liability protection of all business structure. Corporations also offer tax savings and the ability to raise capital under your business name.